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Is www.FuntasticEcards.com absolutely FREE ?


YES, All the electronic greetings cards on this site are *ABSOLUTELY FREE* for users to send to their friends, family and colleagues.   While many web sites do charge for a similar service, our egreetings card service is supported by a modest revenue derived from the advertisements displayed on this website. 


There is no requirement to first become and member and definitely no need to provide us with your credit card details before sending any of the *fast loading* ecards on this site.

You may be interested to know that ...


www.funtasticecareds.com came about purely as a hobby and the growing collection of cards tend to be created sporadically when we have a bit of spare time and/or feel creative.


The very small income derived from advertising helps contribute towards the maintenance and upkeep of the site.  It also encourages us to make more of an effort to create new cards and add other new, interesting and competitive features when we’re feeling lazy.





DO I need to sign up before I can send a card ?


NO, you can send a card straight away, there is no need for your to sign up or provide credit card details.  Membership may be introduced in the future but it will be optional.





How do I send an e-card ?




  • Click on the thumbnail of the card you like;

  • Complete the form below it with the necessary information - ie. your name and email, the recipient's name and email;

  • Choose a stamp;

  • Choose music (optional);

  • Add your text message (you can liven it up if you wish with a fun choice of smiley/emoticons);

  • Click PREVIEW button; and

  • If you're happy with what you see, just press the SEND button.





How do I view an e-card that someone has sent to me ?



  • Click on the colored link in the email that you have received from the sender and you will automatically see the card.  If the link is inactive, copy the entire URL and paste it on to a browser.






Why can't I click on the link in the email that I've received ?



  • Most people are able to see and click directly on the active hyperlink in their email but a small number of email readers, such as that of AOL, do not automatically highlight the URL as an active hyperlink.









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